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I saw some of your work on MM. One of the photos referred me to your website but I have no idea how to access your photos. Any help or explanation would be appreciated. Thanks,
james walden
I would love to view the private gallery. I love your work


Bruno Filipe Guerreiro
How can I get the password?
wes arcole
Hi Carl, you gave me the password before but I had to change my email address and it got lost, could I get it again for the locked galleries? Thanks so much! always great work by you!
Chris Ellison
Love your photos and would love to see more. Could I have the password to see the locked galleries?
Eliot Kramer
Truly inspirational to anyone who admires the intersection of manhood, art and photography.
Jeff Horner
Such an eye for where the artistic meets the erotic, Carl. You really are an inspiration. I browse back here every now and again, and I always find something new that stops my eye and starts my heart!
octavio b. gonzalez
How can I get the password?
Phenomenal works of art. You have such a magnificent eye for beauty...and manage to find some awesome models.
Brad Lindstrom(non-registered)
Can you email the password please?
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